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Membership / Club

As a club we have a variety of layouts in gauges N, HO German, HO American, OO Gauge and O Gauge. Member’s are invited to run their rolling stock on these layouts, but are requested to respect them as they have taken many hours to build.

Our club room is located on the first floor. It has a stair lift which enables our less able members to attend the club.

We welcome juniors aged 13 – 18 to the club. We request that they are accompanied at all times due to the club’s child protection requirements. The juniors meet on a Friday between 7pm and 9pm.

Please contact our secretary, Graham Blumire by email at to obtain further information and the location of our club rooms.

Membership is £75 for adults & £25 for junior members per year. This is due in January or February each year.

We have our own club room’s which are located in Pinchbeck. We are approximately 2 miles from Spalding town centre.

The club meets three times a week:

Tuesday’s: 10am-3pm.

Wednesday’s: 7pm-10pm.

Friday’s: 7pm-10pm.

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Due to issues in previous years unfortunately we are not selling any none club member stock this year or going forwards.

Exhibits are booked by invite from the exhibition manager only. To ensure that we keep the quality of our exhibition high we generally only book layouts that we have viewed elsewhere. If you wish to send us details with pictures please do so by email only to:

Please note that due to the number of emails received we are not able to reply to them all.

Please note that trade space for our next exhibition is already filled, please do not contact us in regards to this. We only have a limited amount of space available for traders and first refusal is given to our existing ones  for future shows. We try to ensure a good balance of trade with a variety therefore we do not operate a waiting list as such.

If you have any questions please contact our commercial manager at: or our exhibition manager at:

Please note that due to the number of emails received we are not able to reply to them all.

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The club do not purchase any rolling stock. We may be able to sell your collection for you, however we make no guarantee’s in regards to this. We take a percentage of all sales made through the club. Please contact our secretary at: .

Please contact our press officer at:

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